An early gag on the show was that, whenever possible, Lars would surreptitiously attempt to get a guest to ask Joe the following question: "When was the last time you cried?"

History Edit

On an early and now deleted episode, musician Milk of Rebel Revive asked Joe the titular question without rhyme or reason. Lars found this hopelessly bizarre and amusing, so he began a tradition of getting other guests to ask him the same question as a running gag. Joe would generally play up his reaction to being asked this question, and then improvise an absurd answer.

The gag worked as well as it did partly due to the character of Joe being somewhat of a "doofus" with a (comically exaggerated) fragile emotional state.

Though this gag has not been formally declared dead, Lars only busts it out occasionally these days. However, on the Discord server, Lars has noted that there is one extremely large potential guest where he is looking forward to bringing it back for, if he can make it happen.

Puns Edit

On some episodes, Joe will utilize the question as an opportunity to make dad-joke style puns, such as:

  • Racking up "frequent crier miles"
  • Going to the bar to have some tears (beers)

References in Nomenclature Edit

An early guestless episode made a reference to this gag as the episode's title.

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