Vijay "V." Lakshman is the creator of the Elder Scrolls video game series, and a friend of the show. He first appeared on an early episode as a guest.

Notability Edit

Vijay was the head of almost every aspect of the creation of the Elder Scrolls series, starting with The Elder Scrolls: Arena. He served as head director, designer, and producer. Vijay also contributed to The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, deciding to leave the company afterwards in search of new projects to helm.

Vijay has served on the production team of an unusually large amount of major video game franchises, from Skullgirls to Crash Bandicoot to Spyro the Dragon. He had a hand in a good half of the most notable titles of the 1990s and 2000s, though as he did not star in them, one would never know.

Vijay is also creating something of a spiritual successor to the Elder Scrolls in the form of Mythborn, a coming-of-age fantasy novel series based on political and social intrigue. He plans to release a series of differently styled video games for the PC, mobile phones, and Amazon Echo devices to supplement the book series. The former will be on the level of Elder Scrolls in terms of scope.

No, really Edit

The creator of the Elder Scrolls series of games is a friend of the show. He was the one who reached out to Lars and Joe, even. The boys just have those kinds of connections.


Fear them.

He is going to include an Easter egg for the show in his upcoming open-world RPG Mythborn, a lethal pair of ice skates called the "Blades of Glory", which is a reference to both the movie with said name and an anecdote Vijay shared about his childhood on the episode.

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