Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (The Man Who Saved the World) is a Turkish film, colloquially referred to as "Turkish Star Wars" in the west. While not mimicking the plot of Star Wars, it does utilize a lot of bootleg footage from it, hence the nickname.

Relevance Edit

Lars and Joe did a scathing review of this film on an episode of the show with Robert Thompson of Dick Neptune. They leveled many criticisms against it, such as:

  • Liberal illegal usage of footage from Star Wars, music from Indiana Jones, etc.
  • Overly long introduction which creates an unnecessarily lengthy backstory that sums up as "We became able to go to outer space"
  • Aggressive, almost antagonistic sound design consisting of a single sound effect loudly repeated ad nauseam
  • Jarring scene transitions with no attempt at a cohesive, pleasant viewing experience
  • Overbearing machismo enforced by the two main protagonists, who seem completely obsessed with women even while enduring dire circumstances, and possess a very raw and smelly sense of style
  • Bare-bones dialogue (such as: "Where are we?" "I dunno.")
  • Ridiculous costume and weapons design
  • Ludicrous amount of fight scenes, most of which are solved by the protagonist either smacking enemies with bizarre hand motions or jumping over them
  • Heavy-handed, shoved-in religious themes
  • A mid-film "training" montage which consists almost entirely of the protagonist smacking rocks
  • Depiction of brutal child murders
  • Shoehorned "love" plot which occurs entirely via lengthy smiling stares between the protagonist and the damsel in distress
  • Characters kissing with their eyes open like absolute psychopaths

Tony Edit

In processing the film, Lars imagined a hypothetical person named "Tony" who was the sound designer for this movie. Tony is given many orders, depicted by Lars as being shouted by the director, to insert or include a variety of sound decisions that he does not understand are going to be painful for the audience.

Final thoughts Edit

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This was a scene in the movie, which is just lovely

Robert contended that he enjoys the movie despite its flaws, or perhaps because of them; the film does have a certain sense of charm for being idiosyncratically bad.

Lars thought that, while it was a bad film, it was not on the level of Shark Exorcist. However, he particularly loathed the sound design, calling it a "Holocaust for the ears".

Joe mentioned that he stopped taking notes about 45 minutes into the film, since "nothing happens" for the rest of it. While not technically true, Lars and Robert understood what he meant; the second half of the movie was mostly skimmed over in the review, as very few significant plot details arise during it.

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