Troll 2 is a movie that Joe and Lars reviewed on a now deleted episode of The First Podcast with guest Chelsea Sanders.

Review Edit

None of the three participants on the episode were a fan of the film, and they dissected a considerable amount of its scenes to talk about what was wrong with it.

In particular, problems with the film included:

  • Idiosyncratically poor dialogue
  • A complete lack of trolls, with goblins used instead
  • The usage of several random people as "actors" who had no acting experience whatsoever, one being a mental patient on day release
  • Choices and behaviors by the characters which were frequently devoid of any logic whatsoever
  • A scene that attempted to be sexy by having two characters eat corn until it started popping
  • Jarring background music
  • Notoriously poor special effects
  • Scenes that made it to the final cut which featured glaring technical problems, such as a fly landing on the actor's face
  • An oddly specifically hostile attitude toward vegetarians
  • "Ancient cake recipes"
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