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Tiege, occasionally known by his nickname "Uncle Tiege" on The First Podcast, and named T.J. in real life, is an electronic music composer, official agent for The First Podcast, and a friend of the show.

His composition was accepted as the official show theme in the summer of 2019.

While entirely unique, his musical content has been compared to that of Pogo, who uses similar microsampling techniques to manipulate television and movie clips into musical sounds.


Originally, unless they spended time on the Discord (where he is active on almost a daily basis), listeners may have been completely unfamiliar with Tiege. Before coming on board the staff, he still played somewhat of a large role behind the scenes as something of an ongoing liaison between Lars and potential guests, especially musicians, as well as those who have been on The Official Podcast (for whom he is an informal guest coordinator).

This business acquaintanceship came about around mid-2018 when Tiege reached out to Lars on reddit, seeking assistance with getting Pogo on a friend's podcast. Ever since, the two exchanged contacts and useful information on an ongoing basis via Twitter and Discord.

In June 2019, Tiege was onboarded as a VIP Coordinator, or later "agent", for The First Podcast. His responsibilities include researching which guests to reach out to, helping the hosts reach out to them, and providing general strategic assistance to the show.


The First Podcast Theme (Welcome to The First Podcast)

The official theme of The First Podcast was created by Tiege.

Tiege is a big fan of wordplay, particularly of the referential and pun varieties.

Ongoing inside jokes involving Tiege on the Discord server and on episodes proper include:

  • The fact that Tiege is black, but does not "sound black" whatsoever
  • Lars and Tresten jokingly calling Tiege a flat earth theorist
  • Absurd suggestions by Tiege and Lars to get people and/or things "on the podcast" which make no sense, such as a dead celebrity, a cow, or "the concept of time itself"

The Second Podcast[]

Lars has jokingly suggested on multiple occasions that Tiege should start "The Second Podcast" now that The First Podcast has become successful, noting that "it's time for a spin-off".


In late 2018, Tiege was informally offered a tentative appearance as a guest on a future episode of The First Podcast as thanks for all of his assistance on the show. The "niece" of Tiege, Spaghetto, was able to convince him via potentially lethal persuasion into joining him on an episode in May 2019.