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There is a vacant, but not technically open, slot for the third host of The First Podcast.

Early history Edit

Originally, Alexis was the prolific third host of the show. Her active status remained for the original first 23 episodes. Due to real-life complications, she was unable to continue as an active host beyond this point, though she still occasionally shows up as a guest host.

At first, Lars and Joe sought to replace her with another active host. They had a vague list of names, and occasionally tried someone out.

Intern Chris was a possibility at one point, with a few episodes given to him to co-host as practice. He still fulfilled guest hosting duties here and there for a while until leaving the team. The hosts decided against bringing him on in full, as they wanted someone "louder" in terms of personality.

At a few different points, Ohan was also considered as a possibility. The hosts shelved this idea when they realized they had a strategically better idea with what to do with him; he is now a regular guest host on "Bros Night" episodes with Richard Quiner, as well as an occasional guest host on "filler" episodes where they bring him on simply for fun.

Later developments Edit

Over time, with no one truly standing out as a serious contender and the show shifting toward a purely interview-based format, the ostensible need for a third host was more or less abandoned. Lars noted that having two interviewers was sufficient, even plenty at times.

The slot is still open, and the hosts are technically open to the idea. Lars has stated that it would need to be someone who really "got" the show, had a lot of spare time during weeknights, and fit in exceedingly well with the two existing hosts. The topic was brought up more often once the Discord server gained traction, as Lars and Joe considered expanding the show.

On an episode with Kill Bill and Rav, Lars jokingly offered Bill the role as "co-host", based on his request, so he could do the ad reads for NordVPN.

Ultimate fate Edit

Lars and Joe essentially decided to leave the show as-is in terms of number of hosts. However, they have both considered a different approach if they were to ever start a spin-off show.

Lars has noted that Bros Night would make for a good spin-off format, though the likelihood of this happening is practically zero.

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