SpongeBob Lost Episode (Commercial Bumper)

Several episodes of The First Podcast are lost to the sands of time.

List of episodes that are inaccessible or no longer accessible Edit

  • Most of the show's early guestless episodes. They were removed during the great purge in order to keep branding consistent.
  • A very small amount of episodes with guests that the hosts do not consider relevant to the modern era of the show, due to them being out of place or simply of no interest to the audience.
  • An early episode of the show with Lars and Alexis. It was approximately an hour and a half long, and allegedly highly comedic. Lars recalls Alexis having spilled her entire drink three times while recording. This was before Lars began to use Craig as a backup recording bot, and an early recording setup error by Alexis meant the entire episode past the five minute mark was never captured. While this episode would have possibly been removed during the great purge anyway, Lars was extremely disappointed this one never got a release at all.
  • One of the earlier episodes (now since deleted) had a very lengthy discussion on international travel between Joe and Lars deleted. While they both enjoyed the topic, it ran so long that it made an already bloated episode over twice as bloated. In the end, travel would become a frequent topic during guest interviews.
  • An episode with music producer JackEL was recorded live and put in the editing queue. Unbeknownst to Lars, his audio was being improperly recorded on his new microphone. He made a few attempts to re-record some lines, but the entire process was so incredibly tedious (and would lack genuine laughter during the jokes) that he simply canceled the episode.
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