The live question segment is a very frequently recurring segment in which the hosts will invite listeners on the Discord server to ask a live question to the guest (or to the hosts themselves, if on a guestless episode).

History Edit

The first instance of the live question segment occurred during the Huggbees episode, in which two listeners were able to ask Andrew a verbal question with their microphones.

At first, Lars would occasionally forget to download the Craig audio of episodes that contained the live questions, meaning he would either need to have them reenacted or cut the segment. Since then, he has started judiciously downloading all episode audio tracks right after the episode finishes recording.


Joe ripping into a listener's soul for not introducing themselves on air

Over time, Lars and Joe have started humorously berating the listeners if they come on and fail to adhere to a very rigid formula of introducing themselves, greeting the guest, and then asking the question (in that specific order), despite there being no need for such a formal structure on what is otherwise an extremely casual podcast.

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