The early episodes, when discussed by Lars and Joe, vaguely refer to around the first twenty to forty episodes of the show before the great purge.

History Edit

Both Lars and Joe have expressed a love-hate relationship with these early episodes of the show. They were largely done with a different format, are comparatively very rough around the edges, were done on lower quality microphones, were not as tightly edited, and contain a great deal of cringe from Joe. Lars has recalled one such episode in which Joe simply started screeching "like a baboon", prompting the former to question why anyone would tune in.

Over time, both hosts developed considerably better instincts for what makes a good podcast episode. This made each subsequent better as a baseline, but had the unfortunate side effect of making early episodes look worse and worse.

Upon learning that deletion of episodes was temporary on Audioboom, and would not affect total listen counts, Lars set most of the earlier episodes to "deleted". They still exist on the platform but are inaccessible unless restored. However, Lars has slowly made some of them available to patrons over time as "classic episodes".

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