Should be a horse because it's dead and the hosts are beating it

The duck question is a segment that the hosts absolutely ran into the ground, which inquires:

For two billion dollars, would you spend the next 4300 years as a duck?
Originally emerging as an amusing hypothetical question asked to some guests, it started to run its course over time. On a later episode, Sara McInerney and Lars specifically requested it not be brought up again.

This segment is presumed to have died. Richard Quiner would later request to be asked the question on a later episode, but this section of the episode was cut for time.

It is indirectly responsible for the "title" of recurring guest RoboRob, who was named "Duck Penis Expert" after posting duck penis memes ad nauseam in the chat during the Chuck None episode. This occurred after the question was asked of Chuck.

Parameters Edit

  • You live as a series of ducks. In other words, if you die, you simply become a new duck, as long as some time remains of the 4300 years.
  • You do not remember being either a human or any previous duck, while you are a duck.
  • Your human consciousness does not pass through to the duck(s).
  • After the 4300 years, time rewinds to the moment before you became the first duck. So, no time is actually lost.
  • You can retain your "duck wisdom" and/or "duck knowledge" after completion if you wish.

Correct answer Edit

Anyone who says no to this is objectively an idiot. There is no downside.

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