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There is a tradition on The First Podcast of utilizing a cold open for almost every episode.

History Edit

At one point during the original first episode of the show, Joe jokingly yelled at Lars, "Don't tell me about gorillas! I know about gorillas!"

Lars realized that this would make a really absurd cold open for the show, with the audience having no context, and this being their introduction to The First Podcast. He began utilizing a cold open for virtually every future episode.

Explanation Edit

Traditionally, if podcasts have an intro theme or bumper, it will be the first thing played on each episode. Some podcasts, such as The First Podcast, will put a small audio clip, known as a "cold open" before said theme music.

Reasons for this vary considerably depending on the nature and style of the show in question, but on The First Podcast they tend to be for one of the following reasons:

  • The clip in question is amusing/strange out of context
  • The clip highlights a funny moment from the episode
  • The clip is an outtake that wouldn't fit on the episode, but was amusing enough that Lars wished to include it somewhere (occasionally, said clips will be placed after the closing theme instead)

Episodes without a cold open Edit

The only episodes that do not have a cold open are episodes where something else is already going on with the structure of it. For example, some episodes are themed tongue-in-cheek as "taking place" at a unique location, such as a carnival or in a spaceship.

Lars reasons that the structure of these episodes would be harmed by a cold open or intro/outro music.

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