On one episode of The First Podcast, Joe and Lars were discussing useless superpowers when Lars posited a certain ability that the hosts found exceptionally amusing: the ability to lay a chicken egg as a human.

The episode in question was removed during the great purge, but the joke is still occasionally referenced and can be understood via context.

History Edit

Lars initially conceived of the ability while the two were discussing the topic, but was interrupted by Joe at one point and suddenly lost the idea in his head, to his great dismay.

Several minutes later, Lars suddenly remembered the idea. Joe encouraged him to immediately come out with it, just in case any further interruptions would cause him to forget it again.

The ability Edit

Lars posited a useless superpower as being "the ability to lay a chicken egg as a human", clarifying that it would be laid "out ya butt"; in other words, it would come from one's rectum.

Significance Edit

The chicken egg ability was considered, and remains, one of the funniest moments of the entire show by Lars and Joe, in terms of the sheer absurdity and disgusting implications of the situation. Joe noted that the moment was the hardest he'd laughed in the entirety of the last year.

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