The buzzing noise arc was a lengthy time period where Joe had a persistent (and soul-destroying from the editing perspective of Lars) buzzing noise on his audio in early 2019.

History Edit

In January 2019, Joe moved home in order to remove himself from a relationship. The space on the desk in his old room was extremely limited. Unbeknownst to him, this resulted in audio recordings which would catch the noise from his computer fans. The audio processing done on the show, which normally is done to improve the sound, managed to amplify this. Thus, for a lengthy era between January and March 2019, every time Joe talks on the episodes, a loud computer fan can be heard in the background.

Resolution Edit

In the interest of not asking the guest to re-record the episodes or awkwardly leaving Joe's audio out entirely, Lars simply resigned himself to Joe's audio sounding bad for a while. After a few episodes of this issue, Lars brought it up to Joe and they attempted to diagnose it via text. Joe's temporary solution was to put a towel over the fan, a less-than-ideal solution for obvious reasons. It could still be heard, just to a smaller degree.

Eventually, Joe decided to video call Lars, and it was discovered that his microphone was extremely close to the fan, explaining why the issue never seemed to be solved. They took a long amount of time to consider the possibilities, and ended up settling on having Joe move his tower onto his bed during recordings. Although a stopgap solution, it finally resulted in clean audio again.

A permanent relocation of the computer tower, as well as better microphone positioning and the use of an isolation shield, completely eliminated the issue. Once Joe was able to move out on his own, issues with computer fans would never again even be possible.

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