A frequent question asked to guests on The First Podcast in 2019 was an explanation of their opinion on boars.

History Edit

The question was first proposed by retronimo, a member of the Discord server. He proceeded to ask it to so many guests during recordings that Lars and Joe began to ask it automatically on many episodes.

The implied humor of the question comes from the fact that it is a nonsense question about a very specific animal, and that the opinion of the guest on the boar animal species is largely irrelevant on an interview with a typical First Podcast guest (whom are generally YouTubers, actors and musicians.

On a trip to Exomania with Kill Bill: the Rapper and Rav, Lars and Joe agreed that guest FrankJavCee hit the nail on the head when he described boars as a "farty" animal.

In November 2019, Lars noted wanting to retire this gag, implying it had gotten stale and mentioning that JobbyTheHong gave the best answer already ("They're tasty"). The question was retired on the AmyRightMeow episode, when they had a fan on the Discord server come on air to give it one final time.

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