The Romance Corner is the name of a (now essentially defunct) informal segment in which hosts Lars and Alexis take relationship advice questions from the audience.

This is perhaps the one segment of the show where there isn't any real banter between Lars or Alexis. They usually find themselves in complete agreement about the advice they would give.

So far, Joe hasn't taken part in this segment, though not out of any disinterest per se. This may change in the future, though with Alexis on leave, it is unlikely.

The segment proved popular with the audience, as Alexis was bombarded with questions every week. Listeners are also encouraged to send follow-up responses and updates after their question has been read, and some have.

History Edit

The segment arose organically during Alexis's second episode. She had received both feedback about the show itself, and an unusual number of advice questions. This was despite the show not advertising itself as dispensing any advice. The hosts found it amusing and decided to run with it.

Each time Alexis is present for an episode, she will present the relationship advice questions to Lars and they will discuss them.

The theme song for this segment is very on-the-nose.

Ridiculous theme song

Ridiculous theme song

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