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The Only TikTok Podcast, or "TOTP" for short, is a conversational entrepreneurial podcast hosted by TikTok stars Joe, Jake Truemper, and Flaurall. The show began in January 2020 and is currently in its second season.

Most episodes of the show focus on a specific topic of strategy about growing one's TikTok account.

History Edit

Joe initially came up with the idea to do a TikTok themed podcast to both entertain an audience and teach them how to become TikTok famous. Joe reached out to Jake Truemper and subsequently Flaurall, who were both eager to participate in the project.

Several conference calls later, the idea was born, and the group began to record and release episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and many other platforms.

Jake also effectively hosts the podcast on his YouTube channel by posting videos containing the audio of each episode.

Lars has been a guest on The Only TikTok Podcast, despite not being a TikToker himself. The episode has been extremely well-received for its complete abandonment of the regular formula in favor of a lengthy meta-discussion about the show's "plot", and as of May 2020 is the most listened-to episode across all podcast platforms.
As of May 2020, TOTP has achieved about 23,000 listens across all platforms, including YouTube views on Jake's channel.

The show is currently in its second season, noted by an increase in production value, the "Joe & Flaurall" dynamic, and an increase in guest episodes.

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