The server, as of June 11, 2020

As of June 2020, there exists a Minecraft server endorsed by Lars and Joe as the official Minecraft server of The First Podcast.

How to join Edit

Instructions for joining the server, which are occasionally updated, can be found on #minecraft-server in the show's Discord server. The specific channel can also be directly accessed at .

History Edit


Fan of the show Check the Fridge, also known as "Jakiki", decided to ask Lars in June 2020 if he could set up a Minecraft server which would act as the official server for the show. He gave the server his blessing that night, and the next day it went live.

The first two days of the server showed enormous progress, with Jakiki estimating that the server could continue for several years at this rate. On day one, massive sky ladders to absolutely nowhere were installed. On day two, a permanent logo fixture was established.

After some players were initially found to be using modified clients and using volatile slurs in the chat, filters and cheat protection plugins were installed.

Joe and, sometimes, Lars can be seen playing in the server here and there.

Notable members Edit

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