We Believe- The Best Men Can Be - Gillette (Short Film)

We Believe- The Best Men Can Be - Gillette (Short Film)

The Gillette commercial was a longform advertisement for the company that was released in 2019, stemming an almost unprecedented amount of controversy.

Show relevance Edit

On an episode of The First Podcast, Joe and Lars discussed the commercial at length with guest host Richard Quiner. They took an extended look at the different kinds of criticisms people had expressed about it.

A general consensus among the three hosts was that the main criticisms of the commercial itself were mostly poor. Joe summarized his take on the angry reactions by male customers as being: “People who call other people snowflakes are themselves being snowflakes”.

Lars and Richard were far more sympathetic when it came to people’s cynicism toward the company’s motivations for releasing the commercial. The former noted that he does not seek life advice from corporations and celebrities. The latter pointed out, however, that technically speaking, any criticism of the ad’s contents due to the identity of the corporation was an ad hominem fallacy.

Both Richard and Lars were jokingly “critical” of the scene in which a few dozen men stand over their barbecues and say, “Boys will be boys.” Richard claimed that this never actually happens in real life. The two were deadpan about it to such a degree that they even managed to trick Joe into thinking they were being serious.

Guest hosts Ohan and Chris were each late for the episode to differing degrees; subsequently, they both expressed dismay at missing out on a chance to discuss the ad.

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