As of April 2019, almost all of the guestless episodes of the show were taken offline, and the remaining episodes were renumbered. Many articles on this wiki may contain incorrect numerical information.

DICK DICK DICK On an historic evening of November of 1972, The First Podcast launched its inaugural broadcast from Truth or Consequences, NM. Unfortunately the limitations of the time, such as there being no internet to even theoretically host a podcast in the first place, forced them to go on a hiatus until 2018.

Hosted by Lars Housholder and Joe Rosenblum (and formerly Alexis Keatinge), they'll take you on a journey to everywhere and everything. The vast majority of episodes feature a guest from the entertainment world, from pop stars to YouTubers to fellow podcasters to state senators to just, you know, the creator of Elder Scrolls. Listen here.


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