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The Biggest Problem in the Universe is a now defunct podcast hosted by Maddox and Dick Masterson, with frequent guest appearances by friend of the show Asterios Kokkinos.

Many episodes of the show featured music clips created by Grant Mooney of Thought Cops, a regular guest on The First Podcast.

History Edit

The podcast aimed to, mainly through comedic rants, discover what was officially "the biggest problem in the universe", with listeners able to upvote and downvote problems submitted by the hosts and the guests. Dick treated each episode as a competition, while Maddox was more interested in being scientific about it. This friction led to most of the comedy of the show.

The show serves as an interesting relic of the past, back when anyone liked Maddox. While the cracks had already begun to show, he remained relatively affable and avoided frivolous $400 million lawsuits at the time. Listening to it now can be somewhat bittersweet because of this.

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This guy somehow stole 80s Girl's heart

While a very successful podcast format during its run, the show imploded over allegations that Dick slept with Maddox's ex. Apparently the wounds never healed from this, and Maddox abruptly canceled the show on episode 107, without inviting Dick to the recording or thanking him in the end. Asterios ended up filling in for him.

Lolsuit Edit

The lolsuit was a lawsuit filed in 2017 on behalf of Maddox. In this lawsuit, Maddox sued Asterios Kokkinos, Dick Masterson, a variety of other associates, Patreon, and a clerk who works at Patreon, for $20 million each. All claims were dismissed as frivolous and/or extremely disorganized by the judge.

The implication from the facts of the case is that Maddox was essentially suckered in by an inept attorney, Kevin Landau, who promised him vast sums of money to heal his bruised ego.

"Uncucked" version Edit


It was later disclosed that Maddox actually obsessively edited TBTIPU episodes after recording, removing substantial amounts of material that made him look bad, and substantial amounts of material that made Dick look good.

Fans of the show were able to help Dick restore the "true" versions of these episodes, without all the editing, released as the "Uncucked" version of the show. Lars is a huge fan of this edit.

Relation to The First Podcast Edit

  • Maddox was originally going to be a guest on the show, until insurmountable allegations caused Lars to cancel the episode.
  • Asterios has been on the show several times.
  • Dick is a highly desired potential guest.
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