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The "Jeopardy music" gag is a late stage gag on The First Podcast, originally conceived in late 2019.

Purpose Edit

As with many absurdist post-production gags on the show, the goal of this gag is pure chaos. Comedic wrongness is in full force here.

Explanation Edit

At some point during an episode, when pensive thought is necessary or when the hosts ask the live listeners a question, Joe will tell Lars to "cue the Jeopardy music". On any other show, the actual Jeopardy music (or a royalty-free variant) would then play as a moment of light humor.

The hosts instead decided to insert extremely abrasive, disruptive music snippets instead. In contrast to the peaceful Jeopardy music, this sends the listener into a moment of disturbance.

Examples of songs used Edit

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