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Eli Margolis, known online as TVFilthyFrank2, is a YouTuber who has taken it upon himself to continue the lore and plot from The Filthy Frank Show.

History Edit

Joji Miller was the original creator of The Filthy Frank Show, a bizarre YouTube television series which featured strange skits, multiple characters with elaborate backstories, music videos, and Q&A segments. After several years, Joji partially retired, and would eventually fully retire from the show and its characters.

Eli decided to attempt an unauthorized "continuation" of The Filthy Frank Show, roughly akin to being the "Second Doctor" version of Filthy Frank. His commitment to the character and mannerisms of Frank have been called uncanny and hilariously accurate, though some have described his act as derivative and unnecessary.

Eli appeared on The First Podcast in May 2019. He stated on his episode that, if Joji were to ever publicly express dislike of his channel, he would immediately discontinue. The interview was conducted mostly out of character, with occasional questions directed to "Frank" in character.

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