The First Podcast is a group effort, consisting of a collaboration between the hosts, as well as the administrative efforts of several other staff members, and extended assistance from friends of the show.

Primary staff Edit

  • Lars is the main host, editor, producer and creative director. He also owns the Discord and runs the Twitter.
  • Joe is the co-host and marketing executive. He formerly ran the Instagram before it was decided the show would discontinue using the platform.

Secondary staff Edit

  • Tiege is VIP Coordinator for the show. His duties include researching guests to have on the show, reaching out to them, and assisting the hosts with strategic development.
  • Ana, Tom, Zero, and Ken are moderators for the Discord server. Ken very occasionally helps procure guests, as well.

Friends of the show Edit

  • Spaghetto, real name Tresten, is a mutual collaborator with The First Podcast who has provided artwork, guests and a variety of other things for the show.
  • DaftPina is a YouTuber who has collaborated with Lars and Joe on multiple podcasts. Lars also occasionally provides him with line reads for YouTube videos.
  • dude2o, also known as Zwick, is an editor for Thought Cops who has facilitated collaborations with the latter show, as well as provided assistance in a variety of ways.
  • Chris is essentially a "traveling ambassador" for The First Podcast. He was given business cards to hand out for the show at the large amount of music concerts he attends in California and Nevada.
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