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Sr Pelo, real name David, is a YouTube animator and game developer from Mexico. His videos consist of crudely drawn, exaggerated figures and loud, unusual noises.


Pelo appeared as a guest on The First Podcast in July 2019. It was a massive event on the Discord server, with hundreds of people tuning in live. In an unusually friendly move, Pelo stuck around for a long time after the recording concluded, simply to answer questions from fans and hang out with the server.

David returned to the podcast for a second time in December 2020.

The server in-joke[]

Several months late

As they are recorded live, most episodes with a guest or multiple guests involve some level of cross-promotion on Twitter and YouTube community posts. Invariably, this will lead to some people arriving too late for the recording, since they only find out about it after the fact.

"The entire gestation period of a baby" late

Because of this, the hosts now double check to make sure the exact time and date of the recording are noted on all promotions. Still, some people inevitably will not notice.

With virtually every other guest, the late arrivals start to taper off over the next week. But for the Sr Pelo episode, for some reason the late arrivals never seem to stop. As of at least April 2020, people are still occasionally showing up and inquiring about the recording.

This was Joe

Lars and Joe have frequently discussed this on the podcast, expressing confusion and amusement. There is something of an informal game to see when the last Pelo episode listener will join.

Server veterans, and occasionally Joe, will often mockingly ask, "When is the Sr Pelo episode?" to poke fun at these late arrivals. Joe has created a fake account for the sole purpose of asking when the Pelo episode is at least once, that we know of.