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Tresten, known professionally as Spaghetto, is a Youtube Let's Player and video game mod creator. He has appeared as a guest on The First Podcast multiple times.

His videos initially focused almost exclusively on Doki Doki Literature Club, but over time he branched out to other games and genres to diversify his audience.

Up until 2020 he hosted the Pastacast, with a few other hosts including Tiege. Joe and Lars both made guest appearances on this show. In June 2020, Tresten launched The Spaghetto Podcast with Joe.


Spaghetto was referred to the show by his "uncle" Tiege, where the latter awkwardly asked Lars and Joe on a voice call if they would have him on as a guest. The hosts looked into the matter and decided to have him on in April 2019, with Tiege also appearing on the episode.

Since then, Spaghetto has become a friend of the show, frequently hanging out on the Discord server as something of a respite from his much more active server based on his YouTube channel. He is also now a patron. His main artist has been known to contribute drawings of Joe, Lars, and Tiege for promotional purposes.

Both Lars and Joe have been guests on the Pastacast in 2019.

Tresten contributed a love ballad to the show for its anniversary episode, producing an infamous belly laugh from Lars as Joe pictured the former sprawled out across a grand piano while singing it.

Lars was in talks to have Spaghetto back on once the latter reached 10000 subs. The episode ended up falling through initially, but the trio resolved to have him come back on for episode 101 in December 2019. Lars has described the second Spaghetto episode as perhaps one of the most rough raw recordings, with Joe behaving over-the-top extra and a good deal of dead air that needed to be fixed in post.

Spaghetto now hosts The Spaghetto Podcast with Joe.