Akufen - Skidoos

Akufen - Skidoos

Skidoos, a track by Akufen, can be traced back as the earliest definable reason that The First Podcast exists in its recognizable state today.

History Edit


In 2002, electronic music artist Akufen released his LP "My Way", containing the track Skidoos.

Lars learned of this track on Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music. Coincidentally, Skidoos would inspire Pogo (Nick Bertke) to create microsample-based music.

Lars would become a professional acquaintance of Nick when attempting to conduct an interview for a music blog in the early 2010s. Though the interview never took place, the two remained Facebook friends, staying in contact here and there over the years.

Later on in 2018, Lars decided to recruit Nick as the first guest on The First Podcast, where the two bonded over their enjoyment of the titular track.

Guest episodes propelled The First Podcast into what it is today.

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