Sam Smith - SHREDS - Stay With Me

Sam Smith - SHREDS - Stay With Me

The example that got Joe

Shreds are comedic edits of music videos that people post on YouTube.

History Edit

A "shred" is an edited music video which is presented on the surface as an alleged terrible performance by a band.

In reality (and quite obviously to the viewer, after he or she has been introduced to the concept), the sound is heavily modified and occasionally the video clip is rearranged in order to purposefully make the finished product sound dreadful.

On an early episode of the show, Lars introduced Joe to this style of video edit. At first, he thought these were legitimately bad performances, but he found great amusement in learning that they were purposefully edited that way.

He stated that looking for more shreds was going to consume a large amount of his free time in the future.

Host favorites Edit

The following shreds are considered by the hosts to be top notch, and may be a good primer for this style of video:

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