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Shark Exorcist is a movie that Joe and Lars reviewed on an episode of The First Podcast with guest Chelsea Sanders.

History Edit

Lars first became aware of Shark Exorcist while watching an I Hate Everything video series called The Search for the Worst. Alex, the owner of said channel, gave a scathing review of the film. 

After watching the film for himself, he realized that a lot of people had trashed it online, but none of the reviews went as in-depth as he felt would be necessary to document exactly why the film was so terrible. 

He had Joe and Chelsea watch the episode and take detailed notes, in order for them to be able to give a lengthy scene-by-scene breakdown of everything wrong with them. 

Initial difficulty Edit

Both Joe and Chelsea struggled with their initial attempt to watch the movie due to its low quality. 

Joe was so underwhelmed by the film that he had to re-watch it in its entirety in preparation for the episode. Chelsea found her usual process of breaking a bad movie into multiple viewing segments ineffective, as it made it extremely difficult to keep the disjointed plot straight in her head. 

Review Edit

All three participants in the episode gave the film a severe lashing, unanimously declaring it the worst movie any of them had ever seen. 

Lars and Chelsea qualified this by comparing it to other people reviewing Star Wars: Episode VIII as “the worst movie they had ever seen”. Chelsea noted that the latter was a competently designed film, and that movies like Shark Exorcist are on a whole other level of bad.

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