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Each 100 episodes of The First Podcast can be considered a "season" of the show.

Season one (2018-2019) Edit

The first season of the show was a story of volatility, growth, adaptation, and debauchery. Over the course of about a year and a half, the show grew from absolutely nothing to a moderately successful program with a sizeable audience.

The earliest episodes Edit

The first season began in July 2018, although the first surviving episode after the great purge was released in August. Season one began with almost all guestless episodes, and often featured a third co-host Alexis. Release dates were inconsistent with no attempt to follow a schedule.

These early episodes have been described by the hosts as a slow start where Lars and Joe attempted to find their footing. Episodes had long running times with plenty of dead air and dry discussion topics. This format would soon be discarded, to the benefit of the show.

A shift in format Edit

After a few months, the show shifted gears almost entirely toward having guests on nearly every episode. The hosts kept at the grind for quite a while, accumulating small amounts of new listeners every day. With enough listens under their belt, they then began the process of reaching out to larger potential guests.

By March 2019, starting with episode 33, the show had started being able to procure guests of much more significant notability, and the listener base (especially on the Discord server) rapidly increased. This has been called the modern era of the show; while still not a large podcast by any means, the show made its way into the top 300 on the iTunes charts, and has become a much bigger production.

Season one will conclude with the 100th episode, a Christmas special guestless episode, due for release on December 25th, 2019.

Season two (2020-current) Edit

The second season of the podcast will begin in January 2020, starting with Spaghetto's second guest appearance. Season two is planned to be released weekly, so it will likely last about two years.

The hosts have discussed plans to considerably diversify the types of guests they have on for the second season, moving away from such a heavy focus on YouTubers.

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