Richard Quiner, known professionally as RPG Daily (and previously "Game Master Richard Quiner") is a YouTube content creator who makes educational videos for beginning and intermediate players of tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons.

He originally participated in another YouTube channel called "Dickd Comics", which led to Lars occasionally referring to him as "Dick" on episodes.

He first appeared on the show on an early episode as a guest, joined by guest host Ohan. He made a second appearance alongside Ohan a few months later as guest hosts.

There were originally plans to do a solo Richard episode, but as the show began to snag bigger and bigger guests, the hosts have put Richard and Ohan to better use as guest hosts on "Bros Night" episodes.

Friend of the show Edit

The boys immensely enjoyed the first episode they recorded with Richard. Lars at the time considered said episode to be his favorite of the entire series, noting the chemistry between all the participants and natural flow of dialogue (despite not having much of a topic, other than ", what do you do?")

Richard, alongside Ohan, has been regularly invited back for a new episode format called "Bros Night". Lars has noted that, in another life, this format would have been The First Podcast.

As of summer 2019, Richard is also a supporter of the show on Patreon; Lars plugs the former's YouTube channel once a month as part of the benefits of the $10 tier.

Personality Edit

Richard is notorious for his extremely deadpan style of delivery. At many points, the only clue that he is being sarcastic or facetious is the context of the remark itself.

This has frequently tricked Joe into thinking he is speaking with sincerity, as the latter is much more flamboyant in his remarks and delivery.

Ohan is less susceptible to being fooled, and Lars (due to being cut from the same cloth) can spot it a mile away. The latter will often attempt to provoke absurd deadpan remarks from Richard if an opportunity presents itself.

Controversies Edit

Quiner has expressed multiple controversial opinions on the show thus far, including:

  • The enjoyment of Fallout 4
  • The lack of overall concern toward Diablo: Immortal, noting that it is okay for Blizzard to create this and it is okay for fans to react negatively
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