Randy, also known as Randy the Racist, was a metafictional co-host of the show who was created in the imagination of Lars and Alexis on-the-spot on an early, deleted episode.

Randy displayed problematic behavior on each episode he "appeared", leading to repeated interventions. None of the hosts endorsed his antics. His status as a co-host was perpetually on thin ice.

His audio track currently cannot be heard, as Lars has seemingly "had trouble mixing in his audio" on Adobe Audition. Listeners must thus infer what he has said based on the context of the other hosts' interactions.

Randy is a good example of an early gag from a more quaint era of the show, being amusing at the time, but having little modern relevance.

A later guestless episode in October 2019 can be seen as something of a "spiritual successor" to the Randy gag, in which Joe and Lars pretended that they were interviewing a professional fisherman with unfortunately extremist beliefs. Lars spliced in highly filtered clips of Ohan talking to act as his "audio".

Appearances Edit

In his first episode appearance (noted above), Randy dropped a "hard R" and was forced to leave.

In another, Randy shared a microphone and an earphone with Alexis. He started grabbing her butt without asking, and defined the term "crookshanks" as being "people hate Mexicans". He was quickly chastised and kicked off again.

Cultural references Edit

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  • When referencing him, Lars cries "Randy!..." in the same manner as Peter Griffin toward Randy Fulcher in the show Family Guy.[1]
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