Lars has a deep professional respect for this man, believe it or not

Pyrocynical, real name Niall, is a YouTuber from the UK.

Show relevance Edit

Pyro has been a long sought-after guest on The First Podcast. He is listed in the Google Docs document the show has posted concerning guests the show would gladly have on at any time. Although the show has interviewed several of his friends, like Brendaniel, CallMeCarson and Sr Pelo, they have yet to lock him down.

YouTube content creator and friend of the show Sergeant Greasemixer has a Twitter account parodying Pyrocynical. He pretended to be Niall himself when the show accidentally DMed him attempting to contact Pyrocynical, leading to a joke on the Discord server that he was going to appear on the show. Lars quickly caught on to the ruse, admitted it was funny, and made friends with Greasemixer.

Joe would go on to collaborate with Greasemixer on his debut rap album.

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