Poop is a subject that, over time, has come up on the show far more frequently than one would expect for a podcast that has nothing to do with it.

History Edit

This phenomenon was first noticed by Joe during the episode with OnlyLeigh, in which urinary and scatalogical discussion came up; these topics are more typical in discussions between men, so the humor of Leigh being a woman and still having one of the grossest discussions the podcast has ever had on-air was duly noted.

For whatever reason, when the show has a female guest, discussions about poop are considerably more likely. However, regardless of the gender of the guest, touching on it as a topic has become increasingly common. This is despite the fact that the hosts ostensibly have no more interest in it than any other random people.

Super Mario Odyssey - You Got a Moon Sound Effect

Super Mario Odyssey - You Got a Moon Sound Effect

As time progressed, Joe began making note of specifically how long it took on each episode to start discussing poop or pooping. Lars now inserts the "You Got a Moon" sound effect when this is noticed.

One major example of poop discussion on the show is the three shells method tradition.

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