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Pepsi is a brand of soft drink that has made it into the podcast discussion on multiple occasions after its company released a widely panned commercial featuring Kendall Jenner. Before the controversy, Pepsi was simply a second-placer in the “cola” soft drink industry.

Show relevance Edit

The company recently dropped an ill-advised commercial in which socialite Kendall Jenner saved the day at a protest by handing a can of Pepsi to a riot control officer, with a song backing that suggested something of actual political significance was happening.

Unsurprisingly, this rubbed people the wrong way. Here and there, the hosts have commented on the controversy with amused annoyance; their tone is usually very sarcastic. Guest host Richard Quiner once suggested ironically that Pepsi should run a counter-commercial against Gillette, suggesting people “drink a Pepsi and chill, snowflakes”. 

Lars contends that the Pepsi-brand drink Mountain Dew is still alright.

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