The First Podcast has a Patreon page that fans of the show can use to financially support the hosts in their making of said show.

Explanation Edit

Patreon support is currently one of the three paid methods of supporting the podcast, including participating in the show's sponsors and purchasing items from the merchandise store. People who contribute to the Patreon funding of a project are called "patrons" or, more generally, "supporters".

Projects like The First Podcast generally have a Patreon page set up due to the artistic nature of their program, which does not inherently generate money. The idea is that if a big fan of the show appreciates their work and wants to help it continue to function, they understand that some level of income is required.

Patreon's model is a monthly donation of financial support, as opposed to a one-time contribution. As such, the Patreon page for projects tends to be the most appealing option for the biggest fans of said project. More casual fans may find options like checking out the sponsors or buying some merchandise appealing.

Tiers and rewards Edit

Practically every Patreon project gives their patrons a monthly or one-time reward, depending on what "tier" of donation they have reached.

The First Podcast currently offers $2 tier patrons an on-air name drop, access to exclusive bonus episodes, early listening privileges to upcoming regular episode releases, a special role on the Discord server, and a few other things. Effectively, approximately 20% more of the show is thus available to them.

Also, $10 patrons can elect to have a segment of text dramatically read (or simply shouted out) on air once per month. As of October 2019, there is no limit to the length of the text. Certain $10 patrons will jokingly use their reading to advertise the Patreon itself, or have the hosts read an extremely short phrase such as "I came." Some take the benefit seriously and use it to shout out their own, or a friend's, project.

There is also something of a gag tier, the $15,000 tier, called the "Lars Gets a Tesla Tier". This originates from a joke on an Ohan episode. If a patron were to support the show at this tier for two months, Lars technically afford a car by Tesla.

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