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Ohan Ghazarian is a Twitch streamer, member of Team Liquid, and occasional guest host on The First Podcast.


Ohan first appeared as a guest on an early, now deleted episode of the show. His easy chemistry with Lars and Joe, as well as his unique personality, prompted the hosts to invite him back on a semi-regular basis as a guest host.

He remains a major exception, alongside Richard Quiner, to the current rule of only bringing on big content creators; while neither of them have a large following, the hosts enjoy having them on regardless and try to help them get more subscribers.

The hosts eventually started working with Ohan to introduce wacky, fictional subplots to his episodes, such as Lars and Ohan visiting Joe's grave, or Joe sequestering Ohan into outer space. A later episode had the three apparently lost at sea, only to find out they were still in the port and didn't bother to look around the cabin to see it.

Ohan was a brief participant in Podcast Battle Royale.

Personality and idiosyncracies[]

Ohan has established himself as being an extremely goofy personality on episodes he attends, with a wide variety of quirks and unusual behaviors.

Most notable is his notoriously short attention span. He will often snap back into reality when Lars (or occasionally Joe) references him directly. This prompts a confused "....What? ...oh..." before he answers the question. Occasionally he will even fall asleep near the end of an episode.

Other tendencies include making fun of Joe's eccentricities, being extremely honest about his sexual fetishes, and an open preference for recording with Lars (especially when he is stuck alone with Joe).

At times, Ohan has asked strange questions to guests, such as propositioning Chuck None for his signed, unwashed underwear.

Personal life[]

Ohan has openly discussed identifying as what many would consider to be at least gray asexuality, having stated no particular interest in sex. He is currently in a relationship with a woman.

He describes himself as somewhat center-right, and a feminist. He disdains the type of person he perceives to be a "social justice warrior", though he notes a distinction between that and an actual activist.

He has a notable dislike of the behavior of intoxicated individuals.