There is currently an agreement between the hosts to not do anymore political episodes. Likewise, they also tend to avoid talking about politics with guests, political or not.

Explanation Edit

During the early days of the show, The First Podcast had several political guests, such as Josh Newman and Hunter Hawes.

Lars and Joe have given numerous reasons for not continuing this trend:

  • They did not want to go down the road of the show being political in nature
  • Political discussions can be dry, lack comedy, and alienate listeners
  • Political episodes can easily make the show some enemies

The hosts have stated that they would make an exception if an enormous guest who happened to be political wanted to be a guest.

Organic, surface-level discussions that are technically political in nature are sometimes allowed on Richard and Ohan episodes, since they have established themselves as being able to handle the subject without being wanky or divisive.

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