Early on in the history of The First Podcast, Lars and Joe began implicitly enforcing a rule: no drama.

History Edit

A smaller aspect of this rule is that the hosts keep all podcast planning and strategizing private and rational, requiring each other to attack only ideas with facts and logical arguments. This led to a very functional business relationship between the two for the entirety of Joe's tenure on the show. Even his departure was extremely peaceful.

More often, however, the "no drama" rule refers to never engaging in drama with other content creators. While the hosts have never shied away from having controversial guests on the show, and are happy to discuss the drama said guests have been experiencing, they do not pick fights or trash talk (though they consider legitimate criticism acceptable).

As a result, the show has no enemies. The Discord server rarely has any trouble. The show never gets review bombed. Nothing negative ever really happens because of it.

The hosts are not naive, and they realize that certain people will dislike them and/or the show for reasons outside of their control, but they go out of their way to burn bridges. They are also aware that getting involved in drama can be great for short-term gain and fame, but note that this can also destroy important relationships and lead to an early demise.

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