No-shares are the small amount of people that Joe and Lars have had as guests on The First Podcast who, for whatever reason, fail to promote their episode to their audience. This has been a point of extreme confusion for the hosts, and one of the big podcast lessons they have noted as having learned on the show.

The problem Edit

By not sharing the episode, its potential marketing is effectively neutered; it leads to a situation in which fans of The First Podcast will learn about the guest, but fans of the guest won't learn about The First Podcast.

Rate of occurrence Edit

Lars and Joe discuss promotional plans with the guest at the initial recording session, so everyone is on the same page. Likewise, guests tend to be entertainers or otherwise notable people who are very accustomed to automatically promoting their appearances on shows and such. So, while this does happen occasionally, it is not very common.

A slightly larger group of people have shared the episode, but in a temporary form such as an Instagram story. Thus, any fans who did not catch this initial promotional wave will be permanently out of the loop. When the hosts notice this, they usually politely remind the guest of this.

Occasional validity Edit

Lars and Joe have expressed that certain very large guests have their social media accounts on lock-down (or in some cases require strict moderation from a parent company). Naturally, they do not hold it against these individuals for being essentially unable to share episodes.

Notes Edit

  • Currently, a no-share will disqualify a guest from being invited back on for another appearance (unless merely having their name attached is all the promotion necessary).
  • On one single occasion, a guest had some objections to a few crude moments in their episode. The episode was re-cut without complaint. However, it remained a no-share. Several months later, this person revealed to the hosts that there were more moments that were problematic for them, but chose not to say anything about it. To this day, a final re-cut or an ultimate deletion has not been requested, so it remains up in its semi-crude glory to this day.
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