Marieve Herington is a Canadian-American voice actress, actress and singer who has had roles on television shows such as How I Met Your Mother and video games such as Final Fantasy XV.

Appearances Edit

Marieve has made an appearance on The First Podcast as a guest.

She revealed what she imagines to be the future of her character "Betty" from How I Met Your Mother. While technically non-canon, this was a first for the show, in which the actor of a character on a major television program had new, never before heard information to give to the show about said character.

Pronunciation Edit

While her last name is pronounced the obvious way, her first name was something of a point of confusion for Lars and Joe before her guest appearance.

Joe believed it was pronounced "Mareev", which was understandable phonetically, but incorrect. Lars thought it was "Marehv", which was also incorrect, but was likewise not a bad guess; he reasoned that this might be the case, as it would make her typical social media username of choice (@redherington) a lazy rhyme. It turns out this is just a pun (red herring + Herington).

The correct pronunciation is actually "Maerie-ehv", of which the boys were quite fond (and slightly embarrassed by, in terms of their failed guesses).

Marieve stated on her guest appearance that the most bizarre mispronunciation she has ever heard was "Marvie", which Lars slammed as being "not even close" of an attempt by said individual.

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