Maddox, real name George Ouzounian, is an American humorist known originally for his satirical and comically exaggerated rants on pop culture, and in more recent years known for being a litigious and spiteful person. 

Maddox was originally planned as a future guest on The First Podcast. After witnessing a bizarre exchange between him and Kaya Orsan of The Official Podcast, which continued a series of extremely unprofessional behavior over at least a year, Lars decided not to pursue that episode further. This is the one of only two episodes that have ever been formally canceled by the hosts. 


An in-depth look at the controversy of Maddox shows considerable nuance, but this is largely (and understandably) overshadowed by "the lolsuit", a seven-figure lawsuit that Maddox filed against former business partner Dick Masterson, as well as Asterios Kokkinos and several others (such as the entire entity of Patreon) for what many perceived to be frivolous offenses.  

The kind of persona Maddox has adopted in the following years, being tribalistic and scrappy in the bad kind of way (although at times provoked), has led to his status as something of an internet pariah. Lars was a long-term fan of Maddox from back in the early 2000s. He has expressed disappointment in the controversy, with the latter having occurred after a decades-long tenure as one of the internet's best trolls. 

Annotation 2019-10-28 203506

Dick Masterson suggested that Lars should reach out to Maddox again to get him on The First Podcast, solely for the sake of antagonizing him. 

The latter strongly considered this for a while, but decided against it for the time being, not wanting to give Maddox any further fame or recognition. 

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