James Luke is a Canadian content creator who runs the channels NotMyFault and unusual videos. He was a guest on an early episode of The First Podcast.

History Edit

Lars originally found his channel NotMyFault while browsing YouTube late at night, finding a video to be particularly amusing, and reaching out to him on Twitter.

Amusingly high length of time to schedule Luke's guest appearance Edit

Luke expressed interest in making a guest appearance on the show after listening to a sample episode. Due to unforeseen complications for both parties, however, the episode in question was delayed numerous times over the course of several months.

During the episode the hosts noted, amusingly, that in the time it took to actually have him on the show, Luke had doubled in subscribers, and The First Podcast had interviewed literal state senators and the creator of The Elder Scrolls.

Unawareness of Lars in regards to Luke's massively successful other channel Edit

Lars discovered on-air that Luke additionally had a significantly larger channel, unusual videos. Joe noted that this account had amassed over 200,000 Twitter subscribers. Lars satirically remarked that they would rather discuss said channel "when they get the creator of unusual videos on".

Name discrepancy Edit

Is this funny?

Is this funny?

The telemarketer video

Lars introduced Luke on-air as "James", in reference to one of his videos; during the recording process for this video, the latter was called twice by a telemarketer. Both times she requested to speak with an unknown man named James, which (obviously) is not Luke's name.

Luke deliberated whether to include the calls on the video, as he was concerned about potentially coming across as too mean to the caller. Joe disagreed, stating that "if anything you weren't rude enough".

Influence on the show Edit

Lars has noted that a principle Luke adheres to on his videos about "trusting your first reaction" to a joke or gag has had a large influence on his editing style.

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