The following is a list of early ideas that the hosts had for the show which, looking back, are considered to have been of poor quality. Many of these came from an era where guest episodes were not a focus, and as luck would have it, they were all brought up by Joe.

While some of them may seem exceedingly strange now, they existed in a highly experimental point in the show's history where the hosts were throwing things against the wall and seeing what stuck.

Appealing to the wisdom of hindsight being 20/20, the hosts have made a rule where they are allowed to quickly and bluntly stomp on ideas from one another that they immediately recognize as "a train that should not leave the station".

Examples Edit

  • Having an episode where Joe rides his bike around and mentions things that he sees. Lars attempted (to no avail at first) to explain to him that, problems with the idea itself aside, there were insurmountable audio issues with this segment concept.
  • Having some colleagues of Joe on who make "cat dubstep". Lars hesitatingly agreed to this, and the episode in question almost happened. EP40 contains audio remnants of what could have been; in what the hosts now see as a fortunate twist, the episode they were supposed to appear on simply did not show up, so they did an impromptu guestless episode instead.
  • Having a magician on, who, due to the audio format, would be completely unable to perform his routine. Lars considered it for a while and almost agreed because he thought there would be a way to make that "the joke", but ultimately rejected the idea.
  • Having a random coworker of Joe on for a brief segment in which he introduces himself, then says "wait, I have to go" with no explanation. Abandoned for obvious reasons, although a recording of this was made.
  • Forcing guests to do beer reviews. It goes without saying why this did not pan out.
  • Spending 70% of an episode with Joe playing and narrating his activities on a mobile game. This was actually attempted by Joe, but Lars nixed the entire segment in post, as it made for 40 minutes of hopelessly niche material.
  • Utilizing brief improvised tracks Joe had recorded called "I Am a Robot" and "I Am a Bear", which Lars refuses to release for the sake of humanity.
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