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Josh (born in 1983, 37-38 years old), better known as Let's Game It Out is an American gaming youtuber. (Up until December of 2019 he was also accompanied by a co-host called Anthony).


Let's Game It Out started out as a two person Gamegrumps style Let's Play channel with Anthony and Josh as the hosts that would release daily videos of first impressions and playthroughs both in a co-op style with both hosts playing or single player where only one would play while the other also commented over it.

Sadly, Anthony departed the show after saying goodbye in a video released on the 19th of December 2019 titled "A Fond Farewell to Anthony". The exact reason for his departure is censored out in the video though.

After Anthony left the show Josh tried to keep going with the same style and schedule but eventually ended up moving over to his current style after nearly burning out.

Josh was a guest on The First Podcast in October 2019. Interestingly enough, this episode has become somewhat infamous among internet conspiracy theorists as being "proof" that Josh's channel is secretly an Onision channel in disguise, due to the fact that his voice bears a passing resemblance to that of Onision. Although the two are entirely different people.

He also made an appearance as a surprise guest in episode 137 in July of 2020 with GrayStillPlays when Lars called him out as a listener and asked if he wanted to come on.


Josh has a penchant for "breaking" games on his channel, with no attempts to seriously play the game and complete it in a conventional manner. This unusual style has led to a skyrocketing subscriber count, 3.57 million at the time of writing.


(Shamelessly stolen from the Wikitubia Fandom page on Let's Game It Out)

  • "Is there a limit?"
    • "One way to find out!"
  • "That sounds like a you problem."
  • "Take a look over yonder."
  • "Oh. God. Yes." (Watching something go exactly as predicted, often leading to newfound possibilities for chaos and torment)
  • "Nummy nummy num!" (Feeding a character, or when a character eats food)
  • "Let me give you the grand tour!" (Upon finalizing a large creation, mainly in sandbox games like Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster)
  • "He's fine." (When something clearly painful happens to a player)
  • "[Lunch time,] MMMMMMM!"
  • "Well, you don't have to tell ME twice!"
  • "A++++++!" (Rating something's performance if it goes according to plan)
  • "Grace" (This is what he normally names a female character, like GrayStillPlays calling his cat Spleens)
  • "What could possibly go wrong?" (Making something that can go VERY wrong)
  • "No need to crowd, there's room for everybody." (Upon building a giant room quickly becomes flooded with people; there is an even-split chance he will expand the room)
  • "Magic teleporters" (Describing the people spawners in Planet Zoo and other titles)
  • "Our Friend The _____" (Describing the random animal/object he made that serves the main purpose)
  • "Dear diary, …" (Describing a character's current thoughts)
  • "Oh my(!)…" (Look at Oh. God. Yes.)
  • "Delish!" (Describing about the food)
  • "Josh no likey."
  • "It's not about the journey it's about the multiple felonies." (The Long Drive stream on twitch)
  • "I hope you had fun, I know I did!" (at the end of each video)
  • "Be still my heart!"
  • "Linkie in the description!" (when talking about a sponsor)
  • "My cup runneth over!"
  • "And Behold!" (When He Unlocks Something)
  • "Clicke Clicke." (when talking about a sponsor)
  • "Nuclear Power," (in satisfactory)
  • "Goodbye Frame Rate." (in tycoon games like planet coaster when he ruined his pc)
  • " And we have to suffer from these frame rates" (variation of above)


(also shamelessly stolen from the Wikitubia Fandom page on Let's Game It Out)

  • Josh is half Asian.[1]
  • Josh used to be in a film school and worked as a continuity supervisor for movies.[2]
  • Josh is married.[3][4]
  • Josh rarely shaves.
  • Josh is allergic to most animals.
  • Josh is lactose intolerant.
  • Josh has an older brother, whom he claims is just as witty but more sane.
  • Some people think Let's Game It Out is also Josh from EmKay secretly, although this is unlikely and unconfirmed.
  • Josh's PSU of his PC setup is upside down.
  • Josh has sensitive teeth from eating an entire 3 pound bag of Sour patch kids in one sitting.[5]
  • Josh's favourite animal is a giraffe.