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Official FoL/LdJ logo, designed by a server member

The Followers of Lars, also known as and most commonly referred to as the Latter Day Joes (or LDJs for short), are a satirical religious order started on the Discord server for The First Podcast.

There are no strict rules for what constitutes a Follower of Lars/Latter Day Joe, other than a vague implied admiration for the hosts in question, and by extension the podcast itself.

History Edit

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The historical founding of the order

The order was started on July 9, 2019 by server member Peridot, who asked if he could "fake a religion around you guys". A few days later, a logo was created, then slightly revised.

As of June 2020, there is a dedicated channel for the order on the Discord server, having been (perhaps jokingly) requested by a variety of members over time. While Lars has expressed indifference to his necessity, Joe has taken it upon himself to promote the channel and keep it active.

The latter plans on introducing the order to other podcasts, such as The Spaghetto Podcast. He also mentioned the order on-air to doplex, who reacted positively to its proselytization.

Some lore has been attempted to be established involving the Latter Day Joes being the enemy of Dan Cameron.

Heirarchy Edit


Peridot in his true form

At the top of the organization chart are Lars and Joe themselves, who have not chosen any specific honorific. Their duties include inducting members into the priesthood.

Members of the server who have been identified as something of an ambassador for or big fan of the show have often been promoted to a "Latter Day Joes" role, and generally given a "Priest" role of some sort; for example, the aforementioned Peridot is the "Bird Priest".

Iconography Edit


Latter Day Joes exist on what is called the "Earth Realm", represented by a channel on the Discord server. Little is known about this realm, other than the fact that it contains an as of yet unnamed gear-themed tree.

The official logo for the order consists of a Greek-style cross with bell shapes at the lower and upper ends, with smaller Latin-style crosses forming from it.

Apostasy and excommunication Edit

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The Excommunication of Zentai, 2020

At least one former priest, Zentai, has been excommunicated from the order for cheating in the show's Minecraft server. At this time, excommunication is considered permanent.

Thus far, no member has formally renounced the order.

Nomenclature Edit


Followers of The Apocalypse Logo

"Followers of Lars" may possibly be a reference to the Followers of the Apocalypse from the Fallout series of video games, or any number of "Followers of (Name)" religions and cults in history.

"Latter Day Joes" is a play on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, more commonly known as the Mormon Church.

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