"man, it takes some next-level narcissism for some dude who has a little podcast to write this much content about himself. you're not this important."
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Lars Danger Housholder (pronounced [ˈhaʊʃoʊldər]) is the creator, director, producer, editor and main host of The First Podcast.

Show role and appearances Edit

Lars is the reason the show exists in the first place, acting as the main host, producer, editor and creative director. He also owns and runs the Discord server, although he delegates most responsibilities to the moderating staff.

He has appeared on every episode of the show thus far. Each episode is scheduled with the intent of both key hosts appearing, but Lars will occasionally host by himself if absolutely necessary.

Recording style/personality Edit

Lars is dry, witty and optimistic. He enjoys delivering his opinions, but isn't overly cynical. While the real Lars is playing something of a character on air, there is essentially no difference between the two. Joe has noted on a bonus episode that, unlike himself who required some maturation into his role, Lars came in "pretty polished" right off the bat.

Having no intention of remaining serious on air for the most part, Lars frequently breaks the fourth wall and delves into metafictional discussion. This is often exaggerated in the editing room. He is also the first one to burst into laughter during humorous moments, making no attempt to remain composed.

Lars does not consider himself inherently very funny, believing himself to have the "Seth Rogen gene". In other words, he believes people tend to find the things he says as being more amusing than they perhaps are because of his deadpan, dry delivery and bemused yet upbeat attitude toward everything.

Occasionally and with no provocation or reasoning, Lars will give a guest a completely inaccurate "nickname" on an episode, such as calling Saltydkdan "Brett Canterbury".

In the Lars-Joe double act, Lars acted as a straight man to Joe's antics.

Editing style Edit

Lars edits the show in Adobe Audition, where he rearranges, amplifies and cuts audio clips to make the episode more surreal. The finished product is extremely similar to the raw recorded audio, but with a postmodern twist. One of his favorite editing tricks is to put a completely wrong clip in the episode when the hosts reference it on air.

An example of Lars's editing style from earlier times

An example of Lars's editing style from earlier times

This editing style seems to have evolved from his earlier low-key work on his YouTube channel, which was considerably goofy and had a large amount of gags happening at any given second.

On multiple occasions, Lars has referred to the LSD segment during the episode "Far Away Places" on television show Mad Men as being an inspiration for his editing, noting that the section maintains one foothold in reality but has an undeniably bizarre atmosphere.

Personal life/other details Edit

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That's gay

Outside of the podcast, Lars also has a day job. He holds a degree at Cal State University, Fullerton with a major in Business and a minor in Philosophy. On the Discord server, he claims to live in a Blimpie.

As of May 2020, he was planning to start another podcast, entitled The Only Podcast You Need, with an unannounced co-host. These plans have been temporarily placed on hold to focus on monetizing The First Podcast and managing Joe's departure from the show.

Lars identifies as a political independent, most sympathetic to Democratic Socialism. He does not care about political correctness and thinks the left can be really dweeby about this on occasion, but he advocates kindness and inclusivity in general. Lars has described himself as a "straight ally" and a "feminist ally", fighting for more or less the same causes.

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