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Keith Johnson, also known as Gregory in reality, and known professionally as KneeCaps, is a YouTube comedian who was a guest on The First Podcast.

History Edit

Tom, a moderator on the Discord, is the owner of the KneeCaps Discord server. Upon mentioning this at one point, the idea of a KneeCaps episode came about. It took a grand total of three minutes for him to agree to do it; Tom noted that it is not difficult to get him on board with things.

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The man himself

Notably on the episode, Lars brought up a meme he had created on the KneeCaps Discord that the latter's name was actually "Keith Johnson". This ended up leading to a decent amount of humor, as he kept referring to KneeCaps as Keith, but the latter would forget that this was his nickname, thinking Lars was talking to Joe and making a weird joke.

The episode is also a good example of a let them talk episode.

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