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Kill Bill: the Rapper, often abbreviated to Bill, is a hip hop artist from America. He hosts a podcast called We Don't Suck with his record label's owner Rav.

Bill has made multiple guest appearances on The First Podcast, and an audio clip of him narrating a short ad-read for NordVPN can be heard on episodes with other Exociety members. Lars will also occasionally use a Bill voice clip here and there, such as him saying "The boy like him a gherkin."


Lars became a fan of Kill Bill: the Rapper a little after 2014 when he noticed the latter’s album RAMONA, becoming intrigued by its titular and cover art references to Ramona Flowers from the movie Scott Pilgrim (the former’s favorite film).

Several years later, after having done The First Podcast for a while, he realized he could reach out to Bill about having him on as a guest. So, he did. At the time he was unaware of Bill's status as a member of Exociety, or a host of We Don't Suck.


Artwork created by Lars for the Kill Bill episode, using some of the EXO doodles

A brief interlude of Bill's track "Dream Eater" was played during the first guest appearance of Ohan Ghazarian, when the fireworks at Disneyland started going off, and Ali had to stop recording for a while.

A guest episode with Bill was recorded and released in February 2019. In March, he made an impromptu second appearance on an episode with collaborator Rav.

Lars credits the episode with Bill as essentially putting the show on the map. Around this time, a large influx of new members flooded the Discord server, beginning a 24/7 fan community that has been in place ever since.

Lars and Ali first met Bill in person at Exomania.