Kaya Fuat Orsan is a host on The Official Podcast. While he has no active connection to the show itself, Kaya is indirectly responsible for the lack of at least one of the latter's episodes.

Early history Edit

Kaya Orsan was the first person to notify controversial satirist Maddox of a major security flaw on his website, ostensibly as a friendly gesture.

The incident that caused the incident Edit

The Official Podcast recorded an episode with Maddox's (somewhat similarly controversial) former business partner Dick Masterson, a notorious internet troll and satirist himself.

A former fan of Maddox, Kaya has been notably critical of him ever since, especially in light of the controversies pointed out in that episode. His critiques have been quite scathing, though rarely unprovoked and ultimately not incorrect or undeserved. Maddox has become somewhat of a pariah on the internet in later years, due to bizarre stunts, controversial statements, frivolous lawsuits, and a seemingly endless wake of burned bridges with people who mean him no real harm.

The incident itself Edit

Upon hearing about the latter's remarks, Maddox began to disavow Kaya on social media. Ostensibly he felt attacked by the criticism. While understandable, this began something of a feud between the two, or at least a feud from the perspective of Maddox. It is unknown if Kaya gives two shits about Maddox outside of the rare moments he is brought up on The Official Podcast.


Lars had previously scheduled Maddox as an upcoming guest on The First Podcast, choosing at the time to look past some controversies since the guy was still a solid satirist.

On September 16th, 2018, Uncle Tiege alerted Lars of a bizarre incident where Maddox started to fabricate strange claims about Kaya. Notably, the former claimed that the latter was "stalking" him for the last three years.

Upon investigation, Lars found out that this was simply an attempt by Maddox to twist the original courtesy message Kaya had sent him into somehow a "bad thing".

Lars thought about the situation, and realized that Maddox was becoming too irrational and inciting; the episode could, in his words, prove a liability more than an asset. Lars is also a fan of The Official Podcast, and felt it would be strategically harmful to have on a guest who was maliciously spreading misinformation about one of its hosts. He decided to drop all communication and efforts to pursue the guest appearance from then on.

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