"...Okay! Well, Rev, welcome to a Joe story. There's never a point, it never actually goes anywhere. It just kinda... yeah..."
-Lars toward RevScarecrow on his guest appearance
Joe stories are a particular, infamous type of story that Joe will tell on air.

Explanation Edit

What constitutes a Joe story depends on a lot of factors, and can take different forms. Sometimes they are extremely mundane, while other times they will contain bizarre twists that either make him come across unfavorably, or give clues that he has completely made up the encounter. Most of them involve a banal interaction at work, at a store, or at his apartment. A true resolution to the story, or at least one containing a point of some sort, is exceedingly rare.

A classic example once told on air was a story about how he once went to the grocery store, got some eggs, thought they were a good deal, but was then informed by his brother Jeff that they were not a good deal. That was the end of the story.

Some guests, such as KneeCaps, have humored Joe and played along with interest. Others, such as Asterios Kokkinos, have openly roasted him for them. Still others have given the type of story a nickname; for example, Rev called them "air pump stories", both to refer to the original Joe story he told and the lack of substance contained within.

Lars has described these stories as the kind of inconsequential thing that a bunch of suburban moms would tell each other while getting together for lunch.

On the episode with Cryburger, Niall met his match as he compared his Irish stories with Joe's stories.

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